The Book Of Mormon at Pantages Theatre

book of mormon broadway tickets

From the creators of South Park and Avenue Q comes a hysterical musical comedy – the critically acclaimed Book of Mormon. Following the journey of two Mormon missionaries to proselytise to native Ugandans, the musical is a satire on religion in general that has had audiences rolling in the aisles continuously since its opening in March 2011. The hype is very real – this is a must-see musical! Tickets likely to sell out quickly, to book well in advance to avoid disappointment.

The Book Of Mormon Broadway Tickets:

book of mormon broadway pantages theatre

“Go and book tickets. IMMEDIATELY”

– The Metro

Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the masterminds behind South Park, started their collaboration with Robert Lopez after the pair saw a production of Avenue Q. Meeting sporadically for several years, they embarked upon the production of The Book of Mormon, a process that involved research trips to Salt Lake City to meet Mormon missionaries, taking 7 years in total!!

“The best musical of the century”

– The New York Times

The show was received to a hugely enthusiastic response from audiences and critics alike, and promptly won no less than a staggering NINE Tony Awards, including Best Musical, and a Grammy for Best Musical Theater Album. Setting record ticket sales, the musical sold out shows in the Mormon capital of the US, Salt Lake City – a testament to just how good it is if there ever was one!!

book of mormon pantages theatre tickets

“A visionary musical masterpiece

– The Guardian

With its hugely likeable, if misguided, main characters, the Book of Mormon does much, much more than simply denounce and mock religion – it explores the concept in quite some depth, fully recognising the humanity and intents of its main characters as they go about their well-intentioned mission to convert Ugandans (who are more concerned with problems such as famine and AIDS). Bold, outrageous, and riotously funny, The Book of Mormon has gained the level of hype if has for its undeniable warmth and profound observations on the state of humanity that are never lost on the audience.

“The smash hit everyone wants to see”

– Evening Standard

That and, of course, the songs! Written by the genius that is Robert Lopez, who would later go on to work on they hit Disney film “Frozen,” which found its songs on rotation on mainstream radio, the numbers from The Book of Mormon are fun and insanely catchy. You’ll have them stuck in your head for days after the show!

There’s only one way to see what all the fuss surrounding the smash hit musical is about – book your tickets to the Book of Mormon TODAY!

book of mormon broadway tickets