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When it comes to California’s most popular Broadway theater venues, Pantages Theatre in Hollywood is never far from the list. The theatre has grown famous for hosting the country’s hottest music concerts, tour dates, and theater Broadway musical shows. The biggest theater stars and spectacular concert performers are frequent visitors to their Pantages stage because it’s the best for live entertainment and fun! Pantages Theatre has a history of hosting five-star shows and has become a major part of the Hollywood nightlife for a reason. In fact, local residents will tell you that guests come in to see Pantages Theatre from all over the state and nearby territories. That means when Pantages Theatre announces tickets going on sale, they are sure to sell fast. So order early to avoid missing out!

This website is intended to keep you up to date on the latest events coming to Pantages Theatre. You can then order your tickets so you have everything you need for opening night. We also offer many benefits to guarantee shopping safety. Read on to find out about our ticket policies and benefits. Or you can skip ahead! Just click here for the current Pantages Theatre events. Or click here to order Hollywood Pantages Theatre tickets.

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Tickets provided by Ticket Squeeze

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Low Price & Low Fee Guarantee

We work with Ticket Squeeze to offer the best ticket pricing for Pantages Theatre tickets. This includes seating across all ranges for seated events as well as general admission events. Other ticket providers may charge a much higher-than-face-value rate for the same tickets. Their pricing is as affordable as possible when it comes to resale tickets, even when they start selling out fast. Tickets ordered via Ticket Squeeze are usually 5% to 45% cheaper than competing resale marketplaces for the same ticket.

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Last-Chance Downloadable Tickets

No matter how hard you try, you might miss hearing about an upcoming concert at Pantages Theatre. But it’s not your fault, because life and work can be busy. But what do you do if you are about to miss the concert of the season? With Last-Chance Downloadable Tickets, you can still buy tickets when most boxoffices or ticket marketplaces close. In fact, Ticket Squeeze often sell tickets up to the last hours before a show’s start time.

Your ticket purchases will come with an email that contains instructions on how to install the ticketing app and download your tickets. If you don’t have time to wait for a mailed ticket, download that barcode and show it at the gate. Then you’ll be on your way to enjoying the show at Pantages Theatre in Hollywood!

Pro tip: Make sure your phone is charged before leaving the house. Pantages Theatre shows always start on time and you don’t want to miss a moment of the action waiting to charge up your phone in the car.

Group-Friendly Seating

The best part about Pantages Theatre shows and events is watching them with friends and loved ones. But larger groups might struggle to find seating that’s close together. That’s why we promote Group-Friendly ticket offers for all group-friendly events. You won’t have to worry about sitting with strangers ever again.

When you order tickets, tell us the exact number you need for your group. Our system will work to ensure that your tickets are as close together as possible in your chosen price range. That way, you and your friends can enjoy the fun with your entire group!

Cancellation and Refund Policy

Sometimes shows and events may be canceled or postponed. While it rarely happens, it’s always frustrating when it does, especially if you’ve been waiting for a show. So what happens next in this unlikely scenario?

Ticket Squeeze ticket orders come with a cancellation and postponement guarantee. If a show is postponed then your tickets will be automatically valid for the new show or event date. You only have to hold onto your tickets or ticket printouts and you’re good to go. If a show is canceled, then Ticket Squeeze automatically issues a full refund of your ticket purchase price. You won’t even have to reach out, because our system will update as soon as an event is canceled.

Ticket Authenticity Guarantee

Many ticket buyers worry about getting fraudulent tickets to shows they are excited for. And that’s because there are many bad actors who don’t have their customer’s best interests at heart. But we want our readers to be able to enjoy any show at Pantages Theatre everytime they purchase a ticket via this website. That’s why we are happy to work with Ticket Squeeze and strongly oppose fraudulent tickets.

That’s why every ticket sold via this site comes with a 100% authenticity guarantee. Ticket Squeeze examines every ticket with their strict ticket vetting system, which is rated as one of the best in the industry.

You can trust that your Pantages Theatre event and show tickets will be 100% authentic. If you purchase tickets via this site you can expect a smooth entry to the event. Ticket Squeeze will give you a 100% money back refund if anything goes wrong with their system or your purchase. You are guaranteed to have authentic tickets that will get you past the gate or your money back if anything goes wrong!

PLEASE NOTE: The above guarantees are ONLY for tickets purchased with our preferred ticket seller; Ticket Squeeze.

If you purchase your Pantages Theatre tickets on any other site, then the above guarantees do not apply. ALWAYS check the price and read any ticket terms & conditions thoroughly to ensure the tickets are 100% authentic.