Message In A Bottle at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Message In A Bottle at Hollywood Pantages Theatre
MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE, the legendary hip-hop tale of refugees, will be back in Hollywood for an eight-show run from the 6th to the 11th of February, 2024.

Sadler’s Wells and Universal Music UK present Message In A Bottle. The production is set on 17-time Grammy Award winner Sting, with classic songs like “Roxanne,” “Fields of Gold,” and “Every Breath You Take.” The musical production is by Triple Olivier Award nominee Kate Prince and is regarded as both powerful and robust yet expressive and sensitive. The premise of the story follows three siblings who get separated by the war. They coexist peacefully until civil war breaks out, wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. They move down the coastline, making difficult decisions to stay alive. They become separated along the road and must develop autonomy to orient themselves on their own.

This story of loving, losing, and finding your way again is both moving and hopeful. Prepare to be enthralled by the dancers as they captivate the audience with their graceful and emotive moves. Tickets are available here. Purchase yours by clicking “GET TICKETS,” and be quick because the shows are selling out fast!

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“MOVING and HOPEFUL… it has an infectious, pressing energy that boils over the edge of the stage. It should be a big hit.” –The Guardian

“Storytelling at its best… With stunning, innovative and emotive choreography and a well-known and yet fresh score, Message in a Bottle is definitely not one to be missed!” –Musical Manda

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Sadler’s Wells and Universal Music UK present Message In A Bottle, the breathtaking new dance-theatre production by triple Olivier Award nominee, Kate Price, to the music of 17-time Grammy Award winner, Sting.

Message in a Bottle is significantly different from many of the well-known Jukebox musicals, which seem to flow out of Broadway. The collection of Sting tracks in this production includes not just his best-known songs but also lesser-known songs, songs that were never intended to be singles, and live recordings that were only ever performed live. Some have been altered, slowed down, or even covered by other vocalists. The plot, which is a tender tale of joy, suffering, loss, fear, love, and hope, is then woven into them.

ZooNation choreographer Kate Prince worked on this enchanting production for over two years before finally unraveling it on stage. She is known for her award-winning narrative choreography, which has been featured in the West End hits Some Like It Hip Hop, Into the Hoods, and Everybody’s Talking About Jamie. These shows feature several of Sting’s most recognizable songs, such as Every Breath You Take, Roxanne, and Fields of Gold. A world-class, award-winning creative team featuring new musical arrangements by Alex Lacamoire (Hamilton, Dear Evan Hansen) is assembled for the performance, which highlights the incredible abilities of the dance narrative powerhouse ZooNation.

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“Message In a Bottle is – quite simply – ASTONISHING.” –Plymouth Herald

“This ELECTRIC dance piece is a story of love, loss, hope and trust.” –

Don’t be fooled; this isn’t just a hip-hop dance production– this is a heartwarming and inspiring story told through the art of dance. It is a tale of humanity and hope that follows the journey of three siblings as they embark on their own unnerving adventures. The distinctions between a musical, drama, and dance are muddled in Message in a Bottle; it encompasses the art of narrating a story without words. The cast is excellent and gives everything they have on stage.

Plymouth Live wrote a rave review about the production in London and said, “The dancing is remarkable – ballet, breakdancing, capoeira, gymnastics, contemporary, hip-hop, popping and locking, bhangra – performed with such energy and fluidity, and yet it still blends perfectly with the eclectic mix of Sting songs.” They also mentioned everything in the show is intended to generate emotion, from the mesmerizing lighting to the costumes and scenes’ very effective coloring.

“It’s the dancers you should see the show for: their energy and exuberance are unflagging and astonishing.” –TimeOut

“Their energetic, acrobatic – and sometimes gravity-defying – moves are exhilarating as they illustrate the wide ranging feelings of the characters set against an atmospheric stage set. Every little thing they did was magic.” – Express & Star

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Due to the success of the live show, it was also announced that Sadler Wells and the Royal Opera House will release Message in a Bottle as a film in mid-2024. Kate Prince said: “I am so excited that ‘Message In A Bottle’ will hit cinemas next year, as well as the stage show embarking on a major tour. Having the opportunity to film on a sound stage gave us the ability to capture each element of the show from the best possible angle, allowing the audience to truly appreciate the agility and athleticism of the dancers and draw them fully into the story.”

Right now, the only way you can witness the art of Message in a Bottle is through live theatre. Lucky for you, they are coming straight to Hollywood very soon with a variety of performances that will indeed have you enchanted and mesmerized!

Message in a Bottle will make its way to the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood, California, from the 6th to the 11th of February, 2024. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the touching tale of a family of refugees who find their way back to each other. With a venue located in the heart of Hollywood, you will surely get one of the best experiences possible.

“Every aspect of this production harmonizes perfectly. It is a triumph.” –The Sunday Express

“This show is destined to be a big hit!” –The Mail on Sunday

“All the big songs are here, danced with an infectious energy and knock-out style across the board!” –The Evening Standard