Frequently asked questions

What are the best seats in the Pantages Theatre Hollywood?

All seats at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre offer great views. However, seats in the front rows of the orchestra and mezzanine sections — especially those in the center of the room — offer perfect lines of sight.

Can you smoke at the Pantages Theater in Hollywood?

As an indoor venue, no smoking is allowed at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. This includes cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, and vaping. At shows, guests may ask venue staff for directions to the nearest outdoor designated smoking area.

How are the seats at the Pantages Theater?

There are 2,703 seats at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Following venue renovations, these seats are comfortable and cushioned, with armrests and good views of the stage.

Are children free at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre?

Children under five years old are generally not permitted to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Some events may be designated as family shows — these may have different age limits. Regardless of age, all guests must have their own tickets.

Does Pantages have a balcony?

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre has a raised section known as the mezzanine. This is raised above the ground-level orchestra section, providing guests with a fantastic view of the stage.

Can I bring water into the Pantages Theatre?

You may be able to bring a small, factory-sealed bottle of water into the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. In most cases, only non-alcoholic drinks poured into a plastic cup will be allowed inside the auditorium.

Where not to sit at Pantages?

Thanks to the design and technology in place, there are no bad seats in the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. But for many, the best theater experience is to purchase tickets to front and central seats in either the orchestra or mezzanine levels.

Do they sell food at the Pantages Theatre?

There is a range of snacks, candy, and ice cream available to purchase once you are inside the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Outside food, including leftovers, is not allowed.

Does Pantages sell drinks?

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre sells a selection of drinks. This includes water, non-alcoholic, and alcoholic beverages. At most shows, guests must consume alcoholic drinks in the bar areas before returning to their seats.

What time do the doors open at the Pantages Theatre?

Door times change on a show-by-show basis. However, most events at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre open doors between 90 minutes and two hours before the stated start time. Arriving early allows ample time for passing security and finding your seat.

Does Pantages have an elevator?

There is no elevator at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. The mezzanine level is reachable by stairs only. For this reason, all accessible seating is located on the ground orchestra level.

How much is parking at Pantages Theatre?

There are plenty of parking options in the area around the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Prices range from $12 for self-parking to $35+ for valet services.

What to wear to the Pantages Theatre?

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre does not have a specific dress code. When you visit, please wear something casual-smart and comfortable, unless you prefer to dress formally.

Can I wear jeans to the Pantages Theatre?

Smart jeans are allowed at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. There is no specific dress code. However, many enjoy dressing smart-casual for the experience.

Why is the Pantages Theatre famous?

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre is a staple of Hollywood’s live entertainment scene. It has hosted everything from movie premieres and Broadway shows to the Academy Awards. Today, it is considered a prestigious live theater venue.

Is Pantages considered Broadway?

Many Broadway shows visit the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. For this reason, it is known as one of the most popular theater venues in California.

What’s on at the Pantages Theatre?

Upcoming events at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in 2024 include such world-class shows as: