The Wiz at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

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Hollywood Pantages Theatre - CA | Los Angeles, California

The Wiz

Theatre fans all over are waiting patiently for the this years tour and the general release of tickets, this is your lucky day! The Wiz will be coming to town on Thursday 15th February 2024 and taking the stage by storm! The exciting winter, 2024 tour of the US will be held at the stunning and beautiful Hollywood Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles, California, it's reviewed as the unrivaled place around, so the night will be alright this February! To get your hands on some tickets, simply follow the link on this page, now - this could be your only chance!

People may wonder why theater is such a unique form of art that has been around since the dawn of culture and is only expanding. Among the multiple reasons, it’s really unparalled to see a story told on stage, culminating what took months, if not years, to create, a team effort of a large number of talented professionals coming together naturally; characters, set, costumes, sound and lights, and of course the audience. The element for a coordinated effort is truly epic. It’s thrilling to realize that it was all created for that moment. All the work, rehearsals, mistakes and successes, all the late nights, all this hard work so it can come together for this specific moment, for you. No edits, no second takes. That’s art, and it’s entertaining. And you are only one ticket away from something exceptional: The Wiz on Thursday 15th February 2024.

The Wiz at Hollywood Pantages Theatre - CA

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