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Hollywood Pantages Theatre - CA | Los Angeles, California

The Wiz

Has theatre been the only thing on your mind this winter? Well since you're such a big stage fan, you'll be excited to hear the unforgettable news that The Wiz is back touring the US for what critics and fans have been calling the unrivaled show on the road of 2024! The beautifully characteristic Hollywood Pantages Theatre - well known for its idealistic and comfortable location - will be hosting the big event, is said to be one of the unrivaled theatres in the whole of California, so it's the perfect location to book a classy meal before or after the big show! Now for tickets, you'll take away the stress of a big sell out by booking early! Previous tours have sold out in the blink of an eye so grab your tickets today to avoid disappointment. Click buy now to get yours!

MAGIC. This may be the number one reason theater-goers will pick as an answer to why they go to the theater. When done well, a stage production can transport the you into a different world, and this will create a special energy that you can actually FEEL, an energy that is formed by the bond between the actors and the spectators. Those special moments in that specific place in time will never be repeated exactly because of that bond which is one-of-a-kind every single time, and that experience is very special. It’s magic. And The Wiz brings amazing talent, and raw passion into every performance. Combined with the professional staff of Hollywood Pantages Theatre, your Tuesday 13th February 2024 will be trully exceptional. Remember, you are one click away from magic.

The Wiz at Hollywood Pantages Theatre - CA

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