Taylor Tomlinson at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Taylor Tomlinson Tickets

Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Prepare to laugh out loud this spring because sensational stand-up comedian, Taylor Tomlinson, is arriving in town! On Sunday, 30th April 2023, Taylor Tomlinson is bringing the Have It All Tour to Los Angeles, California, and she will deliver her all-new material at the Pantages Theatre in Hollywood! If you’re a comedy fan, you better check out this unique but highly-relatable stand-up style that provides unpredictable punchlines and just plain good jokes! Does that sound good? If yes, you better grab your tickets now for the chance to see Taylor Tomlinson perform her brand new stand-up set at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre!

Taylor Tomlinson at Pantages Theatre

There’s nothing quite like good humor. That’s what you get with Taylor Tomlinson, one of the fastest-rising stars in stand-up comedy. The 28-year-old is killing it lately with her unique material that has found a plentiful niche among millennials and Gen-Z kids. She’s also recently released two Netflix comedy specials, “Quarter Life Crisis” and “Look At You.” Let’s just say this is an incredible feat for someone in her late 20s. During an interview, Tomlinson explained she had had her eye on Netflix specials early in her career. “My goal was to have a Netflix comedy special before I was 30.” Today, the comedian has two years to spare, and she’s already had two.

Since she was young, Tomlinson has been honing her stand-up comedy career. Mentored by the veteran comedian Nazareth, Tomlinson was influenced by her father to try her hand at making people laugh as a profession. Her goals weren’t the only thing that brought her to the top. Apparently, Tomlinson also has a knack for joke writing. Her cunning wit and confidence also helped her become one of the top comedians of her generation.

Taylor Tomlinson’s Have It All Tour is truly a must-see event if you consider yourself a stand-up comedy fanatic. Score your tickets now to see the highly-regarded comedian of the new generation light up the Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Sunday, 30th April 2023!

Taylor Tomlinson at Pantages Theatre

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