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On Tuesday, June 4th 2024, Stop Making Sense finally comes home to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. The film, originally released in 1984, was recorded at the exact location during the height of Talking Heads’ career. Experience the joy and whimsical charm of the Heads captured at their very best in the same spot they once performed. Grab your most oversized suit and witness creativity at its most authentic. It’s time to get weird.

Stop Making Sense was first shot over four nights in which Talking Heads performed at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre, and it has been revered as one of the most significant concert films of all time. But before it was that, it was simply an abundance of weirdness caught on tape. Their brand of strangeness can be described, but it is often only effective in watching it - so get your tickets to see the film today before some other nostalgic punks sell it out.

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Fronted by eccentric former art student David Byrne, the band were at the forefront of new wave music throughout the 80s, and helped promote a softer, weirder form of punk rock. On the tour promoting 1983’s Speaking in Tongues, Talking Heads brought their special kind of quirkiness to cities all over the globe, but it wasn’t until the weird and whimsical concert film hit theaters that their quirk began to take the world by storm. Upon its re release in 2023, the film has made its impression on pop culture once again by uniting the outcasts once and for all. Care to join? Get tickets now. Trust me.

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre is one of the more iconic parts of the city. Home to dozens of Broadway musicals over the years, the theater is nothing if not a little pretentious. But once upon a time, it was home to silly touring art rock bands from New York City, and now is your chance to relive that era. Grab your tickets… before it’s too late.

The Talking Heads broke up in 1991, and since then they have maintained their place as one of the most important bands of the 80s. Truly unique and authentic in their own offputting way, you really do have to see it to believe it. It’s a shame they aren’t around to prove their great oddity… oh! I know! We have that movie! Get tickets now!

Getting the chance to witness what is possibly the greatest concert film of all time in the very place it was originally recorded is a chance that not many people would pass up. You don’t wanna be one of those people… do you? Head over to the Hollywood Pantages Theatre and witness the whimsy of creative geniuses Talking Heads as you’re transported back to 1984. It is truly an experience you do not wanna miss. Weirdos of all ages will get something out of it - trust me. Get your tickets online today so you can understand what the fuss is about! Hurry before they sell out!

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