Moulin Rouge – The Musical at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Moulin Rouge - The Musical Tickets

Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Want something exciting this August? We have just the thing! Moulin Rouge is a well known show, do you recognise that iconic love story between Christian and Satine? The outstanding dance skills and those famous songs? WATCH the impressive Moulin Rouge – the favorite production on stage for summer, 2022 – at the renowned Pantages Theatre, California, Los Angeles – visitors love it, and its its in the centre of town! Grab your entry to this evening of outstanding theatrical viewing for Wednesday 3rd August 2022, easily go directly from this page, press the 'get tickets' link right away!

YES, smashing news for August, the unrivalled thing you'll hear so far this year! Are you ready to be fascinated by the hypnotising live broadway show Moulin Rouge? A sea full of adoring red tones, those luxurious songs and that outstanding group of actors flourishing the stage, you'll be LOST in the performance and the precise choreography. The award winning broadway show has captured hearts, critically acclaimed time and again and sold out performances all over the world, MOULIN ROUGE is a force to be reckoned with, AND will be back on the road for summer, 2022! Showing at the outstanding Pantages Theatre, California, Los Angeles, close links to major transport, food choices galore, some handy parking…facilities are abundant. Take a date? Easily buy a set of tickets right away, press the 'get tickets' button you'll see on this page, but blink and you'll miss em'!

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