Mean Girls at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Mean Girls Tickets

Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Who runs the world in musical theatre? Girls…not just ordinary girls, but "Mean Girls"! Based on the book and the 2004 eponymous film written by Tina Fey, comes "Mean Girls" the musical. This a fabulous musical takes one on a journey to highschool where the queen bees were at the top of the food chain preying on the nerds, the newbies, and everyone in between. Now, who would come to the rescue? Find out and be part of the fun and the riot as "Mean Girls" take over the stage of the Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles on Thursday 12th January 2023. Attendance is a must! The more, the merrier; book you and your gang's tickets now!

Ready for an exciting evening out with your peers filled with a sharp sense of humor and hilarious one-liners? We thought so, and we’re more than glad to deliver the good news. One of the most highly renowned musical performances in 2023 – the infamous “Mean Girls” will make a stop in Los Angeles, California, to hit the scene of the much-heralded Hollywood Pantages Theatre. The must-see performance on stage is not the only reason to hurry up and secure a seat for the event, though. The theatre has a furious reputation of putting on some of the most exciting theatre shows in this part of the state, and the hosts never fail to deliver the most premier viewing experience for the patrons. You’re just a click away from joining them on this exhilarating Thursday evening out – don’t miss it!

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