Jagged Little Pill at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Jagged Little Pill Tickets

Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

If you are on the lookout for an excellent show that will stay with you for years to come, then you need to make sure you come to the awesome Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, California to watch the new rock musical that is Jagged Little Pill for a live event. Jagged Little Pill is so dense with plot that could have sustained solely on the original 12 songs from Morissette’s seminal, Diamond-certified 1995 album that gives the show its title. You’ll hear all of them framed within inspired contexts: “Ironic” is sung in a high school writing workshop, “Forgiven” is an act-one curtain closer set in a church that dramatizes an unsettling turning point in Mary Jane’s spiraling pill addiction. The show also features nine other favorites from Morissette’s later repertoire, including “Hands Clean,” “Thank U,” and “Uninvited.” Plus, two new songs have been written for the occasion, “Smiling” and “Predator.”! To secure your tickets today, click the Buy Tickets button below. But don’t wait, because the show shouldn’t start without you.

Musicals are one of the best ways to experience songs in all of their glory! Broadway has been working hard to create a production that is perfect for alternative music fans – now in 2022 the wait is over… Jagged Little Pill is a true masterpiece made just for Alanis Morissette fans as it pays tribute to her 1995 album. The touring Broadway show has gained nothing but the highest praise and most exciting reviews from critics around the world, as well as from Alanis Morissette herself. This production has quickly become the number one hit on Broadway! If you've been waiting for Jagged Little Pill to arrive in Los Angeles California – here's your chance! Jagged Little Pill will be live at Pantages Theatre on Thursday 22nd September 2022! Don't miss out, head down on the night to see it for yourself and singalong all of your favorite songs from the record from Ironic to Hand In My Pocket and more – you'll want to be there!

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