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Hollywood Pantages Theatre - CA | Los Angeles, California

Jackson Browne

One of the greatest songwriters of all time will deliver a show in Los Angeles. So, you better be sure that you’re there to bear witness as he sings and performs his wonderful timeless staples! The illustrious Jackson Browne continues his never-ending road trip, bringing along his trustee Gibson Roy Smeck guitar for the ride! His audiences will be blessed with incredible performances of modern music’s most excellent compositions, such as “Doctor My Eyes,” “Running on Empty,” “Somebody’s Baby,” and many more! Lucky for fans in Los Angeles, Jackson Browne will be making his way to the Pantages Theatre this fall! Expect a plethora of amazing hits as Browne delivers his high-energy set at the iconic venue on Monday, 23rd October 2023! The accomplished singer-songwriter and Gandhi Peace Awardee has been known to deliver over 20 songs per show, making each performance a fully packed evening of great music and exemplary musicianship! If you want to catch Jackson Browne at the Pantages Theatre, you better hurry and score your tickets now!

Jackson Browne is regarded as one of the world's greatest songwriters. His exemplary work has resulted in numerous accolades, including a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, a Songwriters Hall of Fame induction, and seven Grammy nominations. Moreover, he has sold over 18 million albums worldwide and continues to clock in millions of streams across music platforms.

He’s well into his ‘70s, but Jackson Browne continues to perform music like it’s 1975. The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter has always delivered a jam-packed setlist for each solo show he delivers, and this fall, fans will definitely not be disappointed. Expect a plethora of hits from his upcoming Pantages Theatre show – with a catalog spanning 15 albums released from 1972 to 2021, you’ll surely have the right mix of nostalgia and new music. Browne will likely be delivering some sensational crowd favorites like “Downhimm from Everywhere,” “Doctor My Eyes,” “Rock Me on the Water,” “The Pretender,” and “Running on Empty.” Fans should also watch out for his remarkable encores, which may comprise surprising covers.

During the summer of 2023, Browne delivered a series of intimate shows in select cities. Fans praised the singer-songwriter for his masterful performances. He performed two sets totaling 24 songs with an intermission between sets. In one particular performance in El Paso, Texas, a reviewer revered Browne for showcasing his exemplary musical journey spanning five decades. The writer goes on to say that Browne has the “most comforting voices in history,” and that night was filled with a highly appreciative audience.

When you have too many great songs to choose from, creating a setlist may be challenging. But Browne has been a prolific touring performer, and he knows exactly what his audiences want. Moreover, when you have your fans yelling song requests between songs, you’ll likely have a great idea of what the crowd wants. Fortunately, Jackson Browne knows precisely how to wow his audiences. With a vibrant voice and incredible backup band, seeing a Jackson Browne show is still a must-see - even five decades after he released his first music.

Catch Jackson Browne this fall by scoring tickets to his show at the Pantages Theater! Access to the show is now available through the Get Tickets link!

Jackson Browne at Hollywood Pantages Theatre - CA

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