Hamilton at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

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Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Only at the illustrious Pantages Theatre can you catch one of the most popular Broadway Musicals in history, when on the Saturday 2nd October 2021, Hamilton is returning to Los Angeles, California! This once-in-a-lifetime performance brings some of the hottest names in Broadway, and one of the best-reviewed Musicals together under one roof. You could be spending your Saturday evening experiencing the limitless energy, unrivalled passion, and unbelievable talent of Hamilton’s performance which will leave you breathless and star-struck. But this unforgettable experience won’t be here forever and tickets are already flying off the shelves. So make sure that you mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and secure your tickets to see Hamilton live on Saturday 2nd October 2021 at the illustrious Pantages Theatre. To book your tickets today, click the Buy Tickets button now!

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

Now’s the time to treat yourself to seeing Hamilton at Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, California on Saturday 2nd October 2021. Only the top productions in the country ever make it to their stage, and Hamilton definitely qualifies. The beautifully showcased story of one of America’s founding fathers is fast-paced, clever and witty. The stunningly enigmatic, rhythmic, intelligent, evocative prose and the very relatable, engaging, and interesting story about a major historical figure create a one-of-a-kind production that truly is a must-see this 2021. And what a better opportunity to see it than at our very own Los Angeles, California! Pantages Theatre is welcoming the talented crew on Saturday 2nd October 2021 for a production of a lifetime. Get your ticket now!

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

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