Hamilton at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

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Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Only at the illustrious Pantages Theatre can you experience one of the most famous Broadway Musicals in history, when on the Tuesday 21st December 2021, Hamilton is finally coming back to Los Angeles, California! This once-in-a-lifetime appearance brings some of the biggest names in Broadway, and one of the best-reviewed Musicals together under one roof. You could be spending your Tuesday evening experiencing the limitless energy, unmatched passion, and breathtaking talent of Hamilton’s performance which will leave you breathless and star-struck. But this unforgettable show won’t be here forever and tickets are already flying off the shelves. So make sure that you mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and get your tickets to see Hamilton live on Tuesday 21st December 2021 at the illustrious Pantages Theatre. To get your tickets today, click the Buy Tickets button now!

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

Ladies and gentlemen of America, on Tuesday 21st December 2021 the story of your founding fathers, at Pantages Theatre in the great city of Los Angeles in the state of California this is your Ten Dollar, this is Alexander Hamilton! The musical phenomenon and game changer, charting the life of this bastard, orphan, son of a whore and a Scotsman, Alexander Hamilton, who was born in the Caribbean in the late 1700s. His dad abandoned him, his mother died, his cousin committed suicide, a hurricane destroyed his entire town, and he managed to move to America. Believe the hype, Lin-Manuel Miranda's hip-hop show about the life of American founding father Alexander Hamilton is a enormous achievement, and a hugely enjoyable performance. As a child in the Caribbean, he wished for a war, he knew it was the only way to rise up, and finally when he was 19 in New York, out gunned and out manned but with the leadership of the great general George Washington, Hamilton is not throwing away his shot, he’s young, hungry and scrappy, just like his country! So, go ahead and purchase your tickets to Hamilton right now, this is your shot!

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

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