Hamilton at Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Hamilton Tickets

Hollywood Pantages Theatre | Los Angeles, California

Are you tired of your favorite shows being broken up by commercial breaks? Then why not visit the fan favorite Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles, California so you can see every minute of the hard-hitting action when Hamilton returns on Friday 25th September 2020! This night of awesome entertainment brings some of the best talent around in what critics are predicting will be an incredible performance that should not be missed! No matter which song you’ll be singing for, you can guarantee that you won’t be able to stay in your seat. Everyone in that high-capacity crowd will be on their feet! If you love incredible entertainment you can’t afford to miss out. Click the Buy Tickets button {now|today|below] to get your tickets today. Make sure you order fast because supplies are already running out!

Hamilton at Pantages Theatre

Theatre brings people together. For a performance to happen, anywhere from a hundred to a thousand or more people need to gather in one place for a couple of hours, and share together in watching and contemplating an event that may be beautiful, funny, moving, thought-provoking, and imaginative. In an age when most of our communication happens in front of a screen, the gathering function of theatre is, in and of itself, something that matters, which is why so many people flood to the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles. And the latest announcement the venue has made is the arrival of one of the most anticipated shows of 2020, Hamilton. So come down and experience an unparalleled night of entertainment.

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