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come from away at hollywood pantages theatreWelcome to a musical journey that will restore your faith in humanity. Come From Away, the celebrated Broadway musical, is coming its way to Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Exploring the themes of compassion, unity, and resilience in the face of adversity, the musical promises a story that each and every audience will relate to, or perhaps, in the words of some critics, “will remind you of the capacity for human kindness in even the darkest of times.” The simple story of how a group of community members in the small town of Gander, Newfoundland, became the ultimate example of what we should aspire for as a community. From May 7 to 12, you will witness an extraordinary theatrical experience that will leave you uplifted, inspired, and deeply moved. 

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“Lively folk-infused musical is about the post-9/11 world, but even more about human kindness.” – The San Diego Union-Tribune

“A musical about the aftermath of 9/11 may sound like an eat-your-vegetables chore, but “Come From Away” is as comforting -as layered – as a plate of poutine.” –

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Considered to be one of the most devastating events in recent history, the September 11 attacks changed how we view security, terrorism, and the balance between civil liberties and national security. It was a tragic event that took nearly 3,000 lives — a day in the history of the United States which will forever be remembered as a grim reminder of human’s dark nature. That some people would be willing to die and kill for their ideologies. While this may be the general thing people draw from this devastating attack on U.S. soil, a small town on the other side of the world will leave an impression that people are innately good. Just when the majority felt that there was no hope, a group of villagers would restore their faith in humanity. 

Come From Away revolves around the story of Gander, Newfoundland’s people opening their town to the stranded airplane passengers heading to the U.S. hours after the 9/11 attack. After the terrorist strikes in the U.S. became public knowledge and the airspace over the country was closed, things changed drastically. Consequently, 38 foreign aircraft are redirected to Gander’s airport, resulting in a near-instantaneous doubling of the town’s population. 

Although this was an extremely unusual thing for the people in the small Canadian town, they organized a community effort to help the stuck passengers. Headed by their town mayor and other prominent townspeople, they set up community centers, schools, and other places to house people and give them food and water. Done in a true Canadian fashion, people in Gander helped all the passengers who were trying to make sense of it all while dealing with a myriad of emotions like anxiety, doubt, and disbelief. 

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Presented in a heartwarming and creative way, the musical highlights the diversity of passengers living temporarily in the town. The interaction between the locals and the passengers is the real magic of this musical. The differences between Gander’s people and the crew and passengers may be evident, but they are somehow united by this unexpected event. Among the notable characters in the musical include a Muslim chef, a gay couple from Los Angeles, an anxious mother on her way to see her son, a British oil executive, and a firefighter from New York City. These people may not even communicate in normal circumstances, but the event brought them together in a place where they share a common ground: fear and uncertainty of when they can go home. 

The locals and the crew/passengers (the come from aways) have become friends over the past several days. Laughter, empathy, and resilience are on display as the musical’s characters share their experiences and stand together in the face of hardship. These highlighted themes are brought to the stage through powerful musical numbers like “Darkness and Trees,” “On the Edge,” “38 Planes,” “Prayer,” and “Somewhere in the Middle of Nowhere,” among many others. 

Dubbed by most critics as “a reminder of humanity’s potential for resilience, strength, and big-heartedness,” Come From Away’s ending is nothing less but heartwarming — and one needs to witness it to experience how powerful it is. 

“At first glance, Come From Away’s premise seems rather odd and unpromising. Scratch beneath the surface, however, and you realize that Come From Away is really a story about human kindness and compassion in the face of adversity.” – Time Colonist 

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The couple Irene Sankoff and David Hein came up with the idea for the musical. They were able to interview locals and some passing travelers in Gander on the 9/11 anniversary in 2011. The San Diego, California-based La Jolla Playhouse and Seattle Repertory Theatre collaborated in 2015 to produce the show professionally, which originated as a collegiate production. At Seattle Repertory Theatre, the musical broke records for both highest-grossing production and largest-ever single-day ticket sales during its initial run. In 2016, following its run in the first two theaters, it moved to the Royal Alexandra Theatre in Toronto, Ontario, and then to the Ford’s Theatre in Washington, D.C.

The North American Tour for the musical has kicked off at LaFayette, LA, on March 12 and will conclude this August 11 after a 6-night show at Kansas City’s Starlight Theatre. Directed by Christopher Ashley and musical staging by Kelly Devine, the tour will stop at Hollywood Pantages Theatre from May 7 to 12. Among the touring cast are Danny Arnold, Kathleen Cameron, Trey DeLuna, Addison Garner, Andrew Hendrick, and Hannah Kato, among many others. 

Join us for an evening of laughter, tears, and, ultimately, a celebration of the best of humanity this May 7 – 12 at the Hollywood Pantages Theatre. Discover why audiences around the world have been captivated by this musical and leave the theater with hearts full and spirits lifted. Tickets are still on sale, and you can get yours here by hitting the “Get Tickets” link. Secure yours now, and don’t miss your chance to experience this remarkable Broadway sensation.