The Lion King at Pantages Theatre Tickets

The Lion King Tickets

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre

THE LION KING is unmatched to any other musical, it takes lots of us back to our childhoods and has an abundance of familiar hits, its both upbeat and tearjerking with so many colourful components, it's the musical you knew you needed, from the opening scene until the bitter sweet end, THE LION KING promises an entertaining extravaganza for everybody. Back on tour for winter, 2023 the California, Los Angeles leg will play at the spectacular Hollywood Pantages Theatre on Tuesday 14th February 2023, known as the top theatre house around. TICKETS AVAILABLE now, to buy yours for a Tuesday night to tell your friends about this February!

Coming to you at Hollywood Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles on Tuesday 14th February 2023. A remarkable tale of hope and adventure, The Lion King has found its way into the hearts of millions and millions of people worldwide, and now you too can experience the magnificent music, dance and costumes. The Lion King is a winner of over 70 major performing arts awards including six Tony Awards for Best Musical, Best Scenic Design, Best Costume Design, Best Lighting Design, Best Choreography and Best Direction of a Musical. The Lion King is a dramatic coming of age story, follow the young Prince Simba as he goes from spoiled brat of Pride Rock to being cast out after his father is brutally killed by his evil Uncle Scar! But all is not lost, Simba discover two unlikely friends out in the jungle and together they strike out to retake the pride-lands back from the evil Scar. Simba must take on this formidable enemy and fulfil his destiny to become the King of the jungle. A lively and exciting tale from the great creatives at Disney, The Lion King is a story of love and redemption that nobody should miss. Get your tickets now!

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