Moulin Rouge – The Musical at Pantages Theatre Tickets

Moulin Rouge - The Musical Tickets

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre

If you're scouring the internet to be taken to the Belle Epoque for an evening of pure sparkle, then look no further! Moulin Rouge – The Musical has now released the dates for the most recent performance and guess what, Los Angeles has made the list! Ever seen Moulen Rouge before? If you have, you are about to experience something outwordly – everything you love about the beautiful French story will come alive right before your eyes! And if you haven’t – the sole thing we can say is – welcome to the Belle Epoque! The Pantages Theatre is one of the finest places to catch the latest events within the California area… so what are you waiting for? Order your tickets today!

Moulin Rouge - The Musical at Pantages Theatre

Musical productions which are literally world famous do not come to Los Angeles very often. So this genuinely might be your only opportunity to watch Moulin Rouge live! And what’s more, it will definitely be your only chance to see this iconic production at the gorgeous Pantages Theatre. Taking place on Saturday 16th July 2022, you and the whole family can savour some of the finest hospitality at one of the states most popular venues when it comes to musical theatre. Does this sound like something you’d like to watch this July?! Then come to the Pantages Theatre in Los Angeles on Saturday 16th July 2022, and see one of the greatest musicals of the modern era, Moulin Rouge!

Moulin Rouge - The Musical at Pantages Theatre

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