Moulin Rouge – The Musical at Pantages Theatre Tickets

Moulin Rouge - The Musical Tickets

The Hollywood Pantages Theatre

Join the world of Moulin Rouge – The Musical at the Pantages Theatre, Los Angeles California for an evening of indulgent beauty and unparalleled extravagance on Tuesday 12th July 2022. Tickets for this musical extravaganza are on sale now, so buy yours so you have the pick of the best seats. The love of Satine and Christian has been capturing audiences for decades, the songs and storytelling of The Moulin Rouge conveying the troubles of honest devotion trying to thrive in the treacherous social maze of 20th century Paris. Can you live only on love? Can love survive the heartache of social expectation? Discover the answers for yourself with Moulin Rouge – The Musical on Tuesday 12th July 2022 at the Pantages Theatre and secure your seats now for your invitation to join the world of The Moulin Rouge.

Moulin Rouge - The Musical at Pantages Theatre

Are you prepared an emotion that you will never forget? Are you thrilled to watch one of the leading Musical productions in recent years? Then the time is now to purchase your ticket to watch the award-winning Moulin Rouge on Tuesday 12th July 2022 only available at the famous Pantages Theatre. Not only will this be your one and only opportunity the show which has been blowing away fans all over the world for years, but it will be your best opportunity to experience the many perks which come with the Pantages Theatre. To make sure you can have the Musical experience of a lifetime, click the Buy Tickets button below and get your tickets now!

Moulin Rouge - The Musical at Pantages Theatre

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